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Kootek Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim /

Product Description

Kootek PS4 standKootek PS4 stand

Why Need a Stand for Your PS4 Console?

1. As we all know, official PS4 console is horizontal, which takes up a lot of space, leaving your desktop with no room for anything else, or looking crowded and messy. But Kootek vertical stand which allows you place your console vertically, saving space.

2. When you soak yourself in gaming and still keep your console on, it possibly can cause the console overheating problem after long hours of game playing. Our PS4 stand comes with 2 cooling fans, can take out the heat from the bottom of console.

3. If you have more than one gaming controller, but you don’t have enough charger or charging cables, our PS4 stand is perfect for you, there are 2 charging stations give you more choices.

PS4 standPS4 stand

Kootek PS4 standKootek PS4 stand


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Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4

Console Cooler – The vertical stand offers a great air flowing system all around the system, this will help to increase the game console overall lifetime.
Controller Charging Station – It has two charging ports for your PS4 controllers.
Organize Game Space – Save space around your TV with the vertical stand.
Extra USB ports – Provides extra USB ports for more versatility.

Compatible with Regular PS4 model ( Need to remove the slim clip )

Compatible with PS4 Slim model ( Install directly )

Note: Stand will stop working when PS4 console is in off/sleep mode.

Ps4 stand

Ps4 stand

Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4

Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4

Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4

Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4 Slim / Regular PlayStation 4

3 X Extra USB HUB Ports

Come with 3 USB HUB ports for connecting other USB devices, such as mouse, keyboard, headset etc. But not recommended for charging.

2 X Controller Charging Stations

Two high output power of controller charging stations to charge 2 controllers faster and simultaneously.

2 X Console Cooling Fans

After hours of playing, most of the times console heats up a lot. The cooling fans help to keep the console cool thus extending the life of your console.

For Regular PS4


For PS4 Slim


For PS4 Pro







All-In-One: Game console vertical stand+ cooler+ controller charging station+ USB HUB+ 14 slot game disc storage.
2 built-in fans improved at higher speed, disperse heat from your console, improve the operational life span.
3 USB HUB ports for connecting other USB devices: mouse, keyboard headset etc. Not recommended for charging.
2 Controller charging station with higher power to charge both of your controllers faster and simultaneously. Note: Charger will stop working when console off/sleep mode.
Features a game storage to store your favorite games up to 14 slots, package include 2 non-slip footpads which keep the games from knocked over. Please note this item not fits PS4 Pro console. Game console, controller and games not included.

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